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Role Description 

Area Director 

Title: Area Director

Reports to: Regional Director of Field Ministry Support 

Role Summary 

The staff leader within an identified ministry area will be given the title of Area Director. This individual will provide leadership in the area and work collaboratively with the local and national leadership to fulfill the mission of CBMC: To present Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord to business and professional men and to develop Christian business and professional men to carry out the Great Commission. 

Primary Responsibilities 

  • Develop and execute a Ministry Action Plan to support and grow the area ministry consistent with the Mission,Vision and Core Values of CBMC 

  • Establish a budget appropriate to support the Ministry Action Plan

  • Raise the funding necessary to execute the Ministry Action Plan for his area

  • Engage in personal ministry with men in evangelism and discipleship (i.e., Operation Timothy)

  • Lead teams in the area to achieve the Mission, Vision and Core Values of CBMC with focus on supporting anddeveloping the key ministries of Connect3, Young Professionals, Trusted Advisor Forums, and Operation Timothy. 

  • Provide communication between the Area Leadership Team and national leadership, including reporting what God has done through ministry 

  • Participate in ministry training as available and attend area/national meetings and conferences


Essential Qualifications 

  • Passion for the Gospel – Daily seeking to be involved in God’s work in the lives of men, thereby engaging indisciplemaking and evangelism 

  • Education – Bachelor’s degree preferred

  • Experience – Five to seven years of leadership experience in business environment (customer facing experience a plus)

  • Strives to adhere to biblical and ethical principles; demonstrates humility, empathy, and perseverance; is optimisticand portrays a positive attitude

  • A desire to invest in the lives of people

  • A demonstrated record of completing assignments

Key Competencies 

  • Leadership – Leads through change and adversity, makes the tough call when needed, builds consensus when appropriate, leverages skills of team, motivates, and encourages others. 

  • Communication – Communicates well both verbally and in writing in any setting, creates accurate and punctual reports, delivers presentations, shares information and ideas with others, has good listening skills. 

  • Networking – Networking is an important focus for the role as it fuels development and the opportunity to invest in the lives of men. 

  • Integrity/Ethics – Interacts with others with humility, is accountable for maintaining healthy relationships, maintains confidentiality, acts in manner consistent with the core values of the organization. 

  • Project Management - Establishes and monitors project goals, milestones, and procedures related to the Action Plan and ministry events, coordinates larger projects 

  • Spiritual Leadership and Maturity – Demonstrates a passion for growing intimacy with the Lord, including having knowledge of the Word; evidence of evangelism and disciple-making; reputation for Biblical character and person al integrity; knows and exercises spiritual gifts 

  • Strategic Thinking - Creates and communicates a long-term vision, balances short and long-term goals, keeps own and team's work aligned with overall goals, creates and adjusts strategic plans, interjects new ideas to enable and energize discipleship and evangelism. 

  • Teamwork – The ministry of CBMC is accomplished through engagement with others and is largely delivered through teams and events; listens to others and values opinions, helps team leaders to meet goals, welcomes newc omers and promotes a team atmosphere. 



Full time, exempt position 



Medical, dental, and vision benefits

401k matching contributions

Paid time off

Professional development opportunities 

For more information, contact Tony Beckett, 

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