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. . . is an investigative Bible study used by the men of CBMC for more than 40 years to make disciples just as Jesus commanded in Matthew 28:19 “go into all the world and make disciples”. The name Operation Timothy comes from the relationship the Apostle Paul had with a young man named Timothy. It is more than a curriculum or set of lessons, so just as Paul took Timothy “under his wing” and invested his life into him while teaching him spiritual truths, so we in CBMC help others grow spiritually within the context of relationship. We call this relationship life-on-life.

There are 3 books in the Operation Timothy series. Each book builds concept upon concept, and will take the disciple deeper and deeper into the truths of Scripture. By leveraging the natural connections that form in the trenches of day-to-day life, a man can make this investment in another man, and both will be impacted for all eternity. This life-on-life relationship was lived out in practical daily accountability, teaching of the scriptures and simply “doing life together.” Paul’s investment into Timothy’s life helped Timothy to grow into a mature believer who went on to be a leader and pastor in the first century church.

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